Scrapping of parts, paperwork for the documentation for the vessel’s deregistration. Let’s demolish any type of boat.

We accept ships up to 120 meters in length for scrapping.

Ship scrapping and recycling

As ships age it becomes more expensive to keep them in good condition, which together with the technological developments that are continuously taking place makes it normally preferable to terminate their operational life. The scrapping of ships is the final part of the maritime business, it is part of the management of their life cycle and must be carried out in a responsible way, for this reason there are specialized centers authorized by the EU.

The process of dismantling a ship consists of dismantling its structure and all its elements, turning them into scrap or waste. This activity can be carried out on docks, dry docks or stands, although the most common today is to do it in a dry dock if it is allowed to be towed like Varadero Vinaròs.

It is, however, a complex process that encompasses various activities, from cutting and recycling the structural elements to the removal of the propulsion system and equipment and the management of waste.

Ship recycling is a broader concept, as it encompasses all operations related to scrapping, including mooring or stranding in an authorized center.

Varadero Vinaròs offers all kinds of services in ship dismantling both in its dry dock and in other places with said authorization from the port authorities. And a responsible cure for your waste.

Varadero Vinaròs we are authorized waste managers 750 / G / RTP / CV cod NIMA 120002700.